SERIES BIBLE / PROJECT SHOWCASE / role: Concepting & Writing


Sara is the shy and innocent teenager, daughter of an American ambassador who, recently relocated to Brasilia, gets involved in a wild gang scene of the rich local girls. Within a surreal culture obsessed with Snapchat hits, MDMA and lots of blood, the educated gringa now turns into a web celebrity of female fights in the empty pools of Brasilia.

Swimmin’Pool Chasers is a teenage drama about Sara, a shy and innocent teenager, daughter of an American ambassador, Sara tries to understand new codes while adapting in a new country - an especially difficult mission in Brasilia, a city where girls of the same age and social class compete for popularity on the web in a new wave of violent female gang fights. Sara’s life changes radically when she needs to get into one of these gangs to get rid of unscrupulous bullying and gain popularity. In this new universe, their physical and emotional boundaries are tested at heavy bar parties with drugs, sexual discoveries, and bloody physical confrontations. Adrenaline, danger and virtual fame are at first glance exciting, but this reality turns out to be traumatic and sombre, and above all empty.
In a dramatic and unexpected turn of events that brings her close to death, the illusion comes to an end when Sara finally frees herself from social pressures and for the first time establishes legitimate bonds of friendship.

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